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  1. BULLET 5

    BULLET 5


    Out of Stock

    The 5th volume of BULLET is now available on TRIGGER online!
    The theme for 2018 is “15 years old!”
    Please enjoy a series of interesting and creative interpretation of this year’s theme by our animators!

    Participating animators:
    Akira Amemiya/Hiroki Arai/Aoi Abe/Kai Ikarashi/Reo Itoyama/Hiroyuki Imaishi/Mayuko Umigishi/Yuho Onishi/Ichigo Kanno/Sayaka Kobayashi/Tetsuya Sakurai/Motooki Shimada/Sushio/Aya Takahuji/Naoki Takeda/Kazuki Chiba/Shimon Dohi/Haruka Nagai/Hideki Nakagawa/Yoshihumi Hagano/Tetsuya Hasegawa/Takafumi Hori/Hiroki Mutaguchi/Kana Yamaguchi/Yusuke Yoshigaki/Yoh Yoshinari

    As usual the revenue for BULLET will be donated to “Hatachi Fund” as charity.
    The Hatachi Fund is a Japanese financial body that aims to provide ongoing support for education and independence for children living in the stricken area so that they can grow into independent twenty-year-old adults who will in turn support society at large (twenty-years-old, hatachi, is the age of maturity in Japan).

    Hatachi Fund official homepage

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  2. Yoshigaki Yusuke Original Exhibition Art Book, Yusuke Yoshigaki: The Art of YUSUKE YOSHIGAKI

    Yoshigaki Yusuke Original Exhibition Art Book, Yusuke Yoshigaki: The Art of YUSUKE YOSHIGAKI


    Out of Stock

    This art book, Yusuke Yoshigaki: The Art of YUSUKE YOSHIGAKI, collects the original exhibition works of the animator Yusuke Yoshigaki. This is a complete volume in which you can experience the atmosphere of the exhibition. It is an extraordinary, must-see book of 358 pages in total and over 2 cm in thickness!

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    Out of Stock

    Introducing "The Art of TRIGGER Animation Studio," an all-new art book series created by none other than the TRIGGER animation studio.

    And here it is - the unforgettable first installment!

    "Space Patrol Luluco" - The short animation series by director Hiroyuki Imaishi created to commemorate TRIGGER's 5th Anniversary.

    Luluco, an "extraordinarily normal" junior high school girl who lives with her father in the solar system frontier space colonization zone Ogikubo, where earthlings and aliens coexist, develops a big-bang proportioned crush on handsome and mysterious transfer student ΑΩ Nova. But this regular girl's newly found "invincible first love" may just exceed the bounds of time and space!

    Includes as much of the precious initial proposal, design sketches, illustrations, character designs, key animation frames, art, copyrighted illustrations, private sketches, concept art, staff commentary, and more as we could possibly fit in, creating a jam-packed volume that gives you a behind the scenes look at a work brimming with TRIGGER brand humor.

    You won't want to miss the magnificent original illustrations by Kazuya Tsurumaki (Studio Khara), Shigeto Koyama, and Akira Amemiya included at the end, as well as Director Hiroyuki Imaishi's never before seen illustrations of what might happen to Luluco next.

    【Includes TRIGGER Online Shop Exclusive Bonus Sticker】
    * Available while supplies last.
    * Supplies are limited.
    * One sticker included per book purchased."

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    Out of Stock

    Selling out immediately at Comic Market 91 due to popular demand, “TRIGGER GIRLS ART BOOK” is returning exclusively to TRIGGER online store!
    Featuring illustrations from TRIGGER’s homepage, the art book consists of a rich line up of artists from both in-house and outside the studio! This book is without a doubt a must have for any TRIGGER fan.

    Participating creators include: magodesu / YAMATOGAWA / Inato Serere / Siwasu no Okina / hima:// KAWAGOE / TAISHI MORI / TOKIYA SAKBA / AHNDONGSHIK / Sato Toshiyuki / Z-ton / Sasamori Tomoe / Shiraishi / Ikarashi Kai / Ishige Rie / Sakamoto Masaru / Hori Takafumi / Handa Shuhei / Yoshigaki Yusuke / Imaishi Hiroyuki

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  5. BULLET 2

    BULLET 2


    Out of Stock

    This time the theme is "Toy Girls."
    The instructions were plain and simple, without a ounce more of explanation, leaving the rest of the theme's interpretation up to the animators. Sure, there were some who folded there arms in frustration. But from the straight and simple to the slightly twisted, animators put forth all sorts of "Toy Girls", and that's when things started to get interesting. This time we've thrown comments and illustrations into the mix, too, for you to enjoy while thumbing through the animators' concept work.

    All profits made from the sale of this book will be donated to the "Hatachi Fund." Thanks to your generous support of "BULLET 1," we were able to give 1.2 million JPY.

    The Hatachi Fund was established to provide psychological care as well as continued educational and other opportunities to children who were affected by the Eastern Japan Earthquake. This is a limited-time fund designed with the purpose of enabling every child and infant with the opportunity to become a successful adult, offering continued support until they reach the age of 20.

    ◆ Hatachi Fund Official Site ◆

    ◆ Hatachi Fund Contact Information ◆
    Hatachi Fund Administration (Part of the NPO Katariba) TEL: 03-5327-5667 ※Weekdays 10:00 - 19:00 JST

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